Wychwood Maximiser Dual Bivvy

I have recently purchased this new bivvy for our fishing trips. I looked around a lot for a review on the bivvy but didnt really find an in depth review with the all important pictures. This has led me to try and do my best at reviewing it, if anyone wants a look carry on reading!

The first thing to mention is that it comes in two bags, the first bag holds the bivvy itself along with the screw pegs (which come in their own draw corded bag) and the tensioner set which is also in a bag of their own. The second bag which is slightly longer contains the two inner skins; the 2 man and 1 man skins. As the pictures below show.

Once the bags are opened, the bivvy unrolled and put in place, the bars that make up the 4 ribs are connected, the back of the bivvy is pegged into the ground and the rest is pulled forward like other pram hood bivvys. There are then a further 6 pegs to place in the ground at the front to secure it, the tensioners are added along the length of the top, the tension strap inside is connected and your bivvy is up!

Dimensions of the single skin 2 man are:-

Height 140 cms
Width 280 cms
Depth 270 cms

There is no groundsheet in this configuration.

Dimensions of the twin skin 2 man are:-

Height 130 cms
Width 270 cms
Depth 240 cms

This configuration has a sewn in groundsheet.

Dimensions of the twin skin 1 man are:-

Height 130 cms
Width 270 cms
Depth 240 cms
Porch 60 cms

This configuration has a sewn in groundsheet.

There are a few different options for the main and side panels to the front of the bivvy. The side panels have a sewn in mosi panel with clear plastic rain covers that can be rolled up and held with toggles. Above these are the green privacy panels which can also be rolled up or down to suit conditions. They are all held in place whilst down by velcro.

Configuration of the main door panel is with double zips the length of each side of the door and storm flaps covering these. The mosi panel again is sewn in but the plastic or green panel has to be swapped out via the velcro fasteners on all four sides of the panel. It could be put together with both panels in place but this is something I didn’t attempt.

When the two zips are completely open the main panel can be rolled up and hidden away under an elasticated flap which has the Maximiser name across it in white lettering.

The last thing to mention about the main panels is that the 6 pegs can be removed and the front can be rolled up and buckled safely away leaving the whole of the bivvy open.

The back of the bivvy has a window panel that can be unzipped to allow the flow of air throughout the bivvy. This has the obligatory mosi net sewn in. The size of the panel is:-

Height 60 cms
Width 70 cms

The construction of the panel has two sturdy zips down either side with storm flaps covering them and a strip of velcro along the bottom. Like the main panel door the window panel has an elasticated flap that the rolled up material can be hidden under and the maximiser name is also here.

Unused rods can be held securely in place by the positioning of velcro straps on the front rib on either side of the main door panel.
From start to finish with taking photos and the measurements it must have taken about an hour to get all the configurations ran through. I then took the bivvy down packed it all away had a cuppa and then set about seeing how long it took to get the bivvy into the two man twin skin.
The Mrs timed it for me, I was amazed that it only took 8 1/2 minutes from start to finish! It feels steady as a rock and is nice and cool with a breeze running through from front to back even on quite a warm day. Well worth the money I paid for it and hopefully it will last us a good few years.

I hope you have enjoyed the review, I know I can’t wait to go fishing with this beauty now! If you have any questions please contact me.

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7 Responses to “Wychwood Maximiser Dual Bivvy”

  1. Hi what size of bivvy would u compare it to? eg STI Twinskin JRC Quad Nash Extreme? Thanks

  2. Hi Phil, I just answered your pm on Carp.com forum but I will answer you here too! Basically in size and features I would equate this with the Nash double top and maybe the Nash Titan at a push. Although the maximiser does not have a peak extending from the fourth rib over the door.

  3. Hi just got the bivvy but had no instructions with it only thing I didn’t get was the tension bars once u have it pegged at front and back I couldn’t reach the centre to put tension bar on I put the tension bars on as I pull the bivvy forward after pegging the back down but that made it hard to peg the front down it had a lot of tension any help would be good thanks

  4. Hi Phil, I had the same problem as you and also no instructions! I suppose they assume that people instinctively know how to build bivvys!
    Anyway I built the bivvy, then, through trial and error found that if you connect the front bar, tension it up via the clip and then standing at the front of the bivvy still, with the middle bar elongated via the clip, you can attach the middle bar at the back and then leave it like that while you go around to the back and attach the rear bar and tension that one up. Finally go to the side or front if you can reach and slot the front of the middle bar onto the rib at the front. Then from the side I just inched up the tension as best I could again using the clip in the middle of the bar.
    I should also add that the bars were added whilst the bivvy was totally pegged down.
    Hope this helps.

  5. Hi all, just like to say that the missus has got me one of these for Xmas, nagged her into giving it to me early and was well pleased with the size and optional 1 or 2 man version, took me about 15 mins to put up so cant grumble that there was no instructions to go by, should half the time in a couple of try`s. All in all probably the best bivvy i’ve had so far, can’t wait to try it out….

  6. Hi Dean,
    Good on you for getting it early! It is a great bivvy, the last time I was out in mine it was about 5 degrees and blowing a gale. It stood firm and gave me a warm night! Hope you have loads of fun using it and lots of carp!!!
    Have a good Chrimbo..
    HO HO HO