Bake Lakes Overnighter

Steve and I recently spent a night up on the Cornwall / Devon border at Bake Lakes near Saltash. The weather by the time we arrived was pretty abismal, driving rain and pretty cold for November.

We set up on the island swim where Steve has said that the best fishing could be had. Steve’s dad was fishing with us for a while but with the weather closing in and getting worse he decided to pack up and get warm!

We had only been there about an hour and most of that was setting the bivvy up and getting things sorted while we still had the light. Steve was fishing already but I had to start my rigs and hooklinks from scratch so took a little longer obviously. I had one line set up and placed it under the tree you can see in the panorama photo above on the left hand side. I was sat in my bivvy tying the second hooklink when off screams my bite alarm! “Great we’re in” I thought as I ran about 20 foot to try and get my rod but it was too late, I have no snag ears with me and the rod is lurching into the lake. I eneded up jumping about 6 foot to just catch the end of the rod before it dissapeared into the lake fish and all! The only problem with that is that it was bucketing down and as it is a popular swim also quite trampled and there was a lot of mud…. I only had a pair of jeans on as I could not find my bib and brace, I spent the next few hours filthy, cold and wet, which Steve and his old man found hilarious! It was so funny that Steve had to phone a friend and tell him all about it too!

Anyway I eventually landed the fish which was about 8lb, so not a bad start!

We went on over the course of the afternoon catching fish pretty regularly between us which was great fun. Then came the time for us to light the coleman petrol cooker, what a laugh that was I had never even seen one before so didnt know a thing about them, Steve’s dad did give us a run through before he left but by the time we came to light it… Well lets just say we couldnt and Steve was getting more and more agitated because he couldnt have a hot drink!! That was the highlight of the trip for me, I haven’t seen him needing a cuppa so badly!!

Cutting a long story short, after about an hour of trying in vain to get it started Steve’s dad was on his way back up to the lakes to bring us some much needed dry clothes and the gas cooker that Steve said we wouldnt need! He arrived with 2 bags of clothes for us and then had a quick look at the stove. Within 3 minutes both rings were burning away merrily and he was ripping us up as you can imagine! We hadnt done the primer back up to stop the air escaping the tank – doh! He even stayed and cooked us dinner of chicken curry, thankyou!

By about 9:00pm the fishing was still good, the rain had stopped and we were chatting away merrily in Steve’s bivvy putting the world to rights as you do, over a nice cold beer each! Went to bed about 12:00am put my receiver next to my bed got changed into some dry clothes at last and settled in! Within 10 minutes we were both back out playing simultaneous fish, great fun 🙂 The sky was clear and you could see hundreds of stars, really quite beautiful up there at night.

The fishing continued until about 02:00am when it seemed to drop off, or at least I did until 03:00am when I got a screaming take, I was so slow getting out of the bivvy I lost it though. Steve was snoring away at that time! That was the last I heard all night apart from a few line bites, obviously I needed to increase my sensitivity a bit.

Steve woke me up at 06:00am with a cup of coffee and we both rebaited, I went on to catch about 5 more fish that morning before we packed up and tried to get some of the caked on dirt off the bags and luggage etc..

My setup on both rods was a 1 1/2 meter leadcore to a 1 oz lead using 12lb Merlin braid and a choddy B sz 6 hook with 15lb ESP mainline. The only hookbait I used over the trip were Mainline Cell boilies 10mm, with stringers for my distance work consisting of between 3 and 7 boilies at a time. For the marginal work I used a mixture of micro, 2mm and 4mm pellet as loose feed. This did the trick wonderfully!

Steve will have to make a comment about what he used as I cant remember what he used! Apart from a snowman combo of pineapple pop-up and squid & octopus bottom bait which seemed to route out the bigger fish.

All in all we had about 25 fish from 5lb to just a shade over 20lb. A really good trip all in all considering the weather and how wet I got at the beginning!

Below are a small selection of some of the fish we caught.

Really looking forward to my next adventure on Bake Lakes!


Bake Lakes Fishing,
Trerulefoot, Saltash, PL12 5BW
Tel: 07798 585836
01503 263349 (evenings only)

Take the exit signed ‘Bake and Catchfrench’ at Trerulefoot roundabout leaving the Route 38 Diner on the right. After 100 metres, turn right at the T-Junction. Continue for about ¼ mile and take the first left turn. The fishery entrance is 200 metres on the right, just past the entrance to Bake Farm on the left.

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